Survival + 5 (Lifetime subscription)

Survival + 5 (Lifetime subscription)

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A lifetime subscription to currently includes the following:

  • The ability to create an unlimited number of settlements in the Manager.
  • Your settlements are stored permanently in the Manager.
  • Access to usability features and preferences that are only available to Survival +5 subscribers.
  • Access to present and future exclusive application features, such as the Gear card lookup tool, Hunt Phase tool, etc.
  • Optional early (e.g. beta) access to new application features.

Starting in June 2019, lifetime subscriptions to the Manager will cost $30 US. Until then, they will continue to be available for $5.

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* The email address you use at checkout must be the email address you have registered in the Manager!

** Purchasing a subscription to the Manager is your way to contribute to the cost of keeping it up and running and to show your support! Subscriptions to the Manager are neither a Service Level Agreement (SLA) nor do they constitute a warranty or contract of any kind.

*** Subscription updates may take as long as 24 hours to go into effect!